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Perfect Baker
Hi I'm Anna. I just love Josh Hutcherson and his perfection. This blog is a fandom blog for: -The Hunger Games -Harry Potter -The Host -The Mortal Instruments -Divergent -Seven Kingdoms Trilogy -Delirium -the occasion Twilight (shh don't tell)


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Teen Wolf Season 4 Promotional Photo

Teen Wolf Season 4 Promotional Photo

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Hey brother, do you still believe in one another?
Hey sister, do you still believe in love, I wonder?


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A pair of white wings - not quite white, really, but an amalgamation of colors that shifted and flickered as she looked at it: pale silver, streaks of violet, dark blue, each feather outlined in gold.

And then, there at the root, an ugly gash of sheared-off bone and sinew. Angel’s wings - angel’s wings that had been sliced from the body of a living angel.

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Jennifer and Josh on the set of Mockingjay in Paris

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a master list pulled from tumblr

So. Here’s yet another something I’ve been meant to be working on for ages. :3 Forgive me. It’s taken a bit of time. [and I’ve been a bit lazy.] Anyway, this is by no means complete. I’m sure there are probably numerous fics I’ve missed - and if I have, PLEASE, PLEASE send me an ask about it and I will add it to the list! Remember, though - this is a Jem/Tessa list.

Also: I have included what I know of from Tumblr. Anything from fan is allowed - so feel free to send me some! I just don’t tend to read fan fiction, so I’ve never actually searched. :3 But I’d LOVE to include some, so please, please, please message me! Consider this a work in progress, and I’ll do my best to keep this updated. Feel free to link it to people or post it somewhere or whatever. :3

And feel free to message me when you’ve posted something new!

Sleepless Nights alohomorashlie
Vulnerable Forever alohomorashlie
I’ve Got Sunshine alohomorashlie
Drabble angel-gidget
Mizpah [fanmix containing drabbles<3] angel-gidget
Conscious Apparel [Will PoV but still Jem/Tessa] Apparel angel-gidget
Secondary Liberties angel-gidget
Beauty emcarstairs
Trying Times myparoxysm
All the Days of Our Lives myparoxysm
To Wait theparallelpersona
Great Expectations skyward-pipit


The Blue Hour boredom.creates.fiction
Leave Me Breathless love-isburningbright
Lay Me Down steles

And there’s a HODGEPODGE floating about from the one-sentence meme. (The one Gidge totes later broke the rules for, in providing us numerous drabbles! <3)

(Again, if you’ve done anything like this, let me know!)

{alohomorashlie} [revitalize][rain][caramel]
{angel-gidget} [redemption][rain][smoke][patterns][drift][accio][chocolate]
{love-isburningbright} [language][bite][gasp]
{theparallelpersona} [entwined][pet names][wanton][desperate][game]
{steles} [runes][press][heartbeat][lovely][mamihlapinnatapai][racing][shadow]

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"Because you’re not safe in this castle, and I will always defend you. Because you’re my wife;

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Remember Will and Jem #1? 

Here’s 1 with 2 & 3. 

Will & Jem (c) The Infernal Devices, cassandraclare

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Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley for Entertainment Weekly

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“I doubted if awkward, self-conscious, and inept added up to desirable in anyone’s book.”